Alison Bristow - Shakti Shaman

The only way out is in.

Embody Your Essence™ teaches that the only permanent way out of any struggle is to turn inward, reconnect with your inner being (essence) and rediscover what you already have and who you already are.

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A Letter From Alison

Welcome friends. I'm glad you are here - not only here on this website, but here on this planet at this particular juncture in history. Humanity is in the midst of a radical paradigm shift. It is as if we have let go of one rope and haven't yet grasped the next. This is why things seem a bit shaky and unsettled on an individual and collective level.

I hope you find this as exciting as I do. And I invite you to consider that you are here now as an essential part of this shift for reasons you may have forgotten. And possibly your greatest contribution is doing the inner work to become an unobstructed channel for life's dynamic flow to move through you and as you, bringing you into a consistent state of balance, equilibrium, peak potential and genuine peace.

My offerings in assisting others are born out of my own trials and triumphs and are designed to connect you with the deep well of wisdom right within your own being! Holding an empathic space for others to flourish is my passion. I specialize in one-on-one coaching, facilitating yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for individuals and groups, as well as offering consciousness-shifting talks and workshops to progressive companies and organizations that function holistically and value well-being.