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About Alison Bristow

Growing up in an environment where the adults around her were suffering (from addiction to mental illness to chronic physical ailments, and poverty), Alison learned empathy very early. A lack of stability in external circumstances from early in life, taught her the precarious nature of looking to the outside for lasting support. Even in these trying times, her parents introduced her to spiritual teachings that she can see in retrospect opened her mind and paved the way for a deepening understanding of consciousness and engagement with teachers and experiences that may not have been possible without this foundation. There was much heaviness, confusion, self-doubt, and unhealthy attachment to be churned, burned and transmuted. Alison spent decades seeking freedom through many different modalities. Whatever was happening on the surface of her life, this journey of exploration and longing for internal liberation was the one stream of continuity.

Alison is a certified yoga teacher with training in mindfulness and meditation, as well as other processes and techniques designed to facilitate transformation. She is a published author and holds a BA in Religion and Philosophy. Some of her greatest influences to date are Byron Katie, Abraham-Hicks, Mary Baker Eddy, Brene Brown, Chad Hamrin, Leslie Kaminoff, Robert and Michelle Colt, Dr. David Hawkins, Gary Zukav, and the list continues to grow. What else can you expect from a life of learning! An avid reader, Alison continuously studies the sacred scriptures from eastern and western traditions, as well as works on quantum physics, mind/body connection, healing, and the nature consciousness. Books continue to be a life-long love affair for her and the facilitators of heart and mind expansion, inspiration, and stability.

She is incredibly grateful for the love she experienced as a child and for the impressions left on her by her parents' and siblings' great love for nature and animals. To her this is priceless and a huge part of what allows her to compassionately and patiently hold space for others to find their own connection to inner wisdom. She continues to seek solace and inspiration in nature by hiking and trail running daily, and her love for non-human life-forms is a natural part of life.

Alison's current work involves coaching individuals, teaching her signature style of yoga, and helping individuals and organizations cultivate a mindful approach to the whole of human existence. Facilitating paradigm shifts is her passion and is woven into the fabric of everything she does.

The practice of playfulness, relaxation, meditation, and engaging with life in a whole-hearted way are at the forefront of her life - dancing, soaking up the beauty of and learning from every experience, while being of service to others are her greatest treasures.

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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

—T.S. Eliot