Once upon a CloudScape

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I took this picture last week. One of those moments where nature arrested my attention and I gave over to Her completely. Thankfully I have a life (because I insist on it) that allows me to spend time Her. Aside from that I also pass many an hour in a car. And because of that, […]

Solitude and Connection go hand-in-hand

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At first consideration solitude and connection may seem to be opposing states. Especially in our modern culture where a superficial hit of connection is just one click or swipe away. But how satisfying are these one-click-wonders, I wonder? I can only speak from my own experience in saying that ultimately satisfying connection is an inside […]

Death? How do we know?

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Now you know what it’s like to live inside my head! Questioning the constructs always. The only way out of The Matrix is through peeling away all the layers of misconception, false conditioning, getting to the Bone of Truth little by little. Sometimes awakening is painful but it’s always liberating! At least in my experience […]

Self Care

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I opted for this pose over a seated meditation this morning to the scent of Wild Orange diffusing. So nurturing. The more support, the better. It keeps your body from going into any subtle gripping. The more supported your body feels, the more it relaxes and opens. Such a beautiful metaphor for life. This is […]

Love is what you ARE

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​As with all great truths lies paradox. Paradox is a hard thing for the linear conditioned mind that likes things in boxes it can regulate, control, and project…even though these notions are purely illusion, the small mind derives false safety from believing in their fictional reality. The more you find pure consciousness behind this “monkey […]

Trade your worry for wonder

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A healthy relationship with the unknown can only be accomplished through cleansing our hearts and minds from states that project fear, danger, and doom into the future and then live as if it’s the truth. These ancient relics of human consciousness are universal and every individual has to grapple with them internally and alone. This […]

Citizen of the World 

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Skyscape from my new abode.  So far the handful of neighbors I’ve met represent 5 countries in this small courtyard apartment complex where some of the units are rent controlled and some (like mine) are market value. So not only is there ethnic diversity but also economic diversity.  A large slice of the world is […]

The many faces of Worship 

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The masculine and feminine have different ways of connecting with the same thing. Whether you find yourself in a female or male body at present, you are comprised of both of these living, dynamic energetic forces of creation. At different times in your life and even in different moments of each day, you may need […]