"Slow is the new fast.
Less is the new more.
In is the new out."

—Alison Bristow

What do (the late) Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington, Howard Stern, Kobe Bryant, and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They all meditate! These individuals, at the top of their fields have openly credited meditation as instrumental to their sucess.

At present, humanity is regaining it's footing from centuries of focusing on externals - believing that everything was "out there," and that faster and more were the end all be all answers to the quest for happiness and satisfaction. Microwaves, trips to the moon, and the rise of supersize are just a few examples.

More and more we hear about mindfulness and meditation. We see places devoted exclusively to these practices popping up all over, signifying the calling of human consciousness for that quiet place behind the mechanistic chatter of the conditioned mind.

That part of the mind is like a pebble in the ocean of consciousness. I love helping people regain access to that vast space within that inspires and guides meticulously.

If you're someone who thinks they can't sit still or you're inherently bad at meditating, then this work is for you.

If you're afraid that meditating will disconnect you from "normal" life and have you living in a remote cave somewhere, think again. Meditation will actually connect you more fully with your inner guidance that helps you show up fully and connect with life in dynamic, satisfying ways that are just right for YOU.

This one simple practice, a few minutes a day will change your life!

Getting Started Meditation Series


3 consecutive sessions (20-30 minutes) of guided meditation via video conference. This will give you a jump start at beginning and continuing your own practice. Recordings of the sessions will be given to you to support your initial practice.

Please fill out the Self-Sharing Summary and contact me for a free 30 minute phone or video session to see if working together feels aligned. I look forward to connecting with you!