Parvati and Feminine Expression 

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Parvati – Hindu goddess of fertility, love, and devotion.

I’ve been connecting with the energy of Parvati consciously for about 2 years now. I got this bronze depiction a year ago from Manoj Chalom. He probably never guessed she’d end up in a picture like this! haha. But I wanted something to poignantly express the message – It’s time to let the feminine run FREE! Our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our world need HER.

For me Parvati is shameless and secure, shrewd and gentle. She is resilient and possesses rock-like endurance. She came to me at a time when I needed her to develop these qualities within myself (and still going strong).

I was educated to shun the Hindu depictions of deity. I was taught that they were polytheistic and went against what I was learning in Christianity. 

But as I’ve come to live life, study Hindu texts, and actually meet people from the Hindu traditions, I’ve come to understand that the gods and goddesses are representations of all the different facets of the one Life Force. 

I absolutely love and appreciate this!  When I look at the intricacies of these portrayals, my heart opens in wonder and awe at the curiosity and desire to understand that must have given rise to this kind of expression.

Hindu philosophy has enriched my life, given me a better understanding of the biblical teachings I grew up with, and is part of my evolution into being a Citizen of the World.

2018 – let the feminine flow!!!
The stone has rolled away,

 leaving an opening at the

 mouth of the tomb where 

feminine expression lies,

the opening will 

expand rapidly

as inertia gives 

way to movement,

and the heaviness that

 has kept her down,

will aid her flight to freedom!

Photo by Roy Dunn

#parvati #wholesouledwoman #citizenoftheworld 

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