Solitude and Connection go hand-in-hand

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At first consideration solitude and connection may seem to be opposing states.

Especially in our modern culture where a superficial hit of connection is just one click or swipe away.

But how satisfying are these one-click-wonders, I wonder?

I can only speak from my own experience in saying that ultimately satisfying connection is an inside game.

I’ve found that my life flows kind of like waves – I draw in and then I expand out ~ I expand out and then I draw in.

The inward times are about solitude and are where I feel my connection to life itself — the same force that’s keeping the planets in their orbits even as the universe is expanding exponentially.

These experiences are rich, rock me to the depths of my being, and are as orgasmic as any sexual experience I’ve ever had. They are anything but theoretical! They are visceral-here-and-now-reality.

From this fullness, an outward flow naturally occurs as a natural expression of the inner richness – not as a shoddy substitute for it.

For me, the thrill in this transition isn’t the reception of external stuff but the unarguable relationship between the inner and the outer which the transition illustrates.

I’ve witnessed this too many times for it to be a fluke. In some sense it seems I am a co-creator – though I think it’s better said that I’m becoming a better “allower” for the intelligent flow of life to act through me and as me.

My instrument is finely tuned at this point to detect when the external is becoming too prominent. In breathing imagine all exhales with no inhaling or what if the ocean waves suddenly just flowed out, out, out. All of these scenarios represent depletion – a loss of the juicy life force that fuels us.

Solitude is not very popular these days and is often mistaken for isolation, which is a total misconception.

So when the wave of life rolls you inward toward solitude go with it. This is where you find your innate, unalterable connection. This awareness is your strength, your replenishment, and your substance. From this basis the externals fall into their proper perspective as channels rather than sources of connection. That creates an inner stability and trust from which great expansion can occur in all facets of life.

With Valentine’s Day approaching with it’s emphasis on a special someone else being the source of love and happiness, let us take this to heart and take others off the hook for in any way being our source.

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