Shakti Shaman Vinyasa

Shakti Shaman Vinyasa (trademark) is Alison's signature yoga style which evolved over 20 years of individual practice and 10 years of teaching.

Shakti ~ raw feminine creative energy
Shaman ~ skillful use of invisible forces in the visible realm
Vinyasa ~ to place specifically within the whole of creation

Shakti Shaman Vinyasa is designed to activate right brain capacities in order to balance the human psyche in a left brain dominated world.

The sequencing is non-linear, dynamic, and incorporates specific breath awareness, mudra, the five elements, the 7 sacred directions according to Native American traditions, and archetypal symbolism based in the work of Carl Jung.

This practice is designed for the whole person and works into the deepest roots of the human psyche. Mindfulness and meditation are underscored leaving the practitioner with a sense of wellbeing. Circular, spiral, wave-like movements challenge habitual patterns and dissolve physical, emotional, and mental rigidity.

Staying true to its Hatha (Ha = sun/solar/masculine, Tha = moon/lunar/feminine.) yoga roots, energy balance is foundational and the 8 limbs or aspects of this yogic path are at the core of Shakti Shaman Vinyasa. The effect of the practice on the human nervous system is taken into account leaving students with an impression of ground-state or homeostasis.

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